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    2010 - 06.13

    Setting up your email takes 2 maybe 3 simple steps.

     1 – Create the usernames and passwords.

    2 – Choose e-mail software (known as the “webmail Client”)

    3 – If you use an e-mail client, the last step is setting up your email client like Outlook or Applemail.

     Step one, setting up the e-mail accounts

    To set up your email, the first thing you need to do is create your e-mail account(s).

    1- Login to your control panel

    2. Find the email icon box and click on “email-accounts”

    3. Follow the instructions for setting up addresses and passwords.

     (some sample email address; name@domain-name.com, first.last@domain-name.com.

    Where domain-name is the name of your new account.)


    Step two, choose your web-mail client

    This is the software that will handle the sending and receiving of your mail. This is also the software you will use to check you for your web mail online.


    1.  Still on the same email account creation screen.

    2. Scroll toward the bottom of the page and find a link that says “web mail”, click that link            

    3. You will see three choices. Look each one over and choose the one you are most comfortable with. Personally I like Hord.

    4. Click on your choice and log in. Here is a note, when you log into web mail thru the control panel, you are logging in as an administrator and you will see the mail boxes for all the accounts that were created.

    If you log in to webmail thru a browser you will only see the mail boxes for the account you loged in as.

    5. That’s it, you can log out and start using your new email. DON’T close this window yet if you want to set up an email client like Outlook.


    Step three, set up your local email client


    1. Still on the same web-mail choice screen.

    2. Here you will find links to your particular email client or the setting you need to set one up that is not listed.


    Another special note here, because of the number of e-mail client software out there it is impossible to keep up with them all. However they ALL use the same basic settings.

    If you are having a problem you will need to contact your software manufacturer.